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Burial at Sea San Diego California
Burial at Sea San Diego California
Burial at Sea San Diego California
Burial at Sea San Diego California

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Burial at Sea San Diego Provides DIGNIFIED Ash Scattering Services in Beautiful San Diego!




A Burial at Sea is a way of having a
memorial and scattering the ashes
of a loved one at sea.


The Ash Scattering trips we offer are
the BEST in San Diego. Take a look at
what our clients have to say.


We offer the BEST deal in San Diego.
Not only are our rates lower than most,
we offer free flowers, video & pictures.






burial at sea | ash scattering services | san diegoBurial at Sea San Diego offers burial at sea services for ash scattering at sea off the coast of San Diego, California. We are a local San Diego sea burial provider and accept ashes from throughout the United States.

We are professional and strive to provide excellence in dignified burial at sea services to our clients. We provide small intimate ash scattering at sea services on a beautifully restored 37' racing yacht or a 32' Catamaran that can accommodate up to 10 guests, or a larger party on our 55' twin masted sailing yacht. All of which are extremely affordable.

We specialize in exceptional local knowledge of the area as well as hidden reefs along the ocean bottom and guarantee a professional, dignified service for you, your family and guests.

We highly recommend a burial at sea in San Diego on one of our private yachts enabling the entire family to be present while attending the scattering of ashes at sea for your loved one. We provide a priceless lifetime memory of your departed loved one and an opportunity for your family to share time together.

burial at sea | ash scattering services | san diegoThe ocean has been enjoyed, loved, and respected by generations of mariners, fishermen, surfers, divers, military and, most recently, families of individuals spanning every age. 

This attraction to the sea, for some, is more than just a fleeting feeling; it's more of a deep and profound "calling" that is rarely understood by those who do not have it, but rather simply tolerate their loved one or family member who can not stay away from the ocean.  They live for it, and the ocean lives for them. Many times these same individuals have a strong desire to be put to rest at sea, to have their ashes scattered over the face of the ocean and to at last, become one with their first and eternal love... the sea.

burial at sea | ash scattering services | san diegoThis request often leaves entire families, desiring to carry out their loved ones wishes, in an awkward situation.  They may, or may not be physically capable of going out to sea without getting violently "sea-sick", or may have certain back or muscular condition that will not allow them to ride over even the smoothest seas without risking severe pain or further injury.

Attempts to get family and friends together for spreading ashes at sea may prove to be impossible. 

For others, they simply cannot bring themselves to do it.  Special arrangements, complete with videotaping of the actual ash scattering at sea can be made and done for you on your behalf.

burial at sea | ash scattering services | san diegoFollowing your loved ones wishes to have their ashes scattered at sea where they loved to fish, sail, and enjoy life is the best gift one can give. The serenity of being on the ocean aboard our private yacht makes this an incredible ceremony as opposed to an expensive land funeral. 

A time to grieve, reflect  and have your spirits lifted in a beautiful peaceful setting.  Immerse yourself as dolphins and sea lions come to investigate and escort your loved one to his/her own special reef.

burial at sea | ash scattering services | san diegoWe have several scattering locations where the water is calm and ashes tend to sparkle as you watch them disperse and float amongs the swells.

A burial at sea is an Eco Friendly process as the ashes and flowers are set adrift upon the oceans surface. 

You will smile as you become reassured that your loved one has finally come to rest in a beautiful and serene ocean paradise.

We encourage you to take pictures that will last a lifetime.

burial at sea | ash scattering services | san diegoAn increasing number of people are choosing spreading ashes at sea for a variety of reasons. Not only is it significantly less expensive, rich in nautical background and is an eco friendly alternative to traditional land funerals, but is a peaceful way of saying good bye set against a beautiful backdrop of sea and sky.

Our ash scattering at sea ceremonies are performed from a variety of locations off the San Diego Coast such as the Cabrillo Monument, Point Loma, Sunset Cliffs, and Coronado Island.

Currently approximately 46% of people would choose cremations and many of them choose to scatter the remains in some manner over water. Burial at sea is common if the deceased enjoyed the outdoors and the water. Perhaps they loved boating or some other aspect of the aquatic environment.

It is also possible to perform a burial at sea with no remains. This can be done when it is not possible to retrieve remains - in the case of a disaster where no body is found. A service can be performed and a memorial or flowers placed in the water. Although not strictly a burial at sea, it does provide the family and friends with a form of closure to aid in the grieving process.

Burial at Sea San Diego captains are licensed and insured by the state of California, so you can be 100% confident during your ceremony. PacificaSailingCharters@gmail.com


. Mick Moore